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Stephen E. Boutelle

One of the most effective ways  to tap into the business transformation thought processes and strategic implementation practices that Stephen E. Boutelle teaches is through his consulting services.

His expertise is in creating a comprehensive strategy that will enable you to optimize your business success and provide you with the direction necessary to implement the process for “Creating Your OWN Brand of Success.”

Stephen will provide coaching on:

  • How to Achieve The Necessary Entrepreneurial Mindset to Accomplish Your Business Goals
  • How to Determine and Design A Unique and Successful Strategic Marketing Initiative for Your Business
  • How to Amplify Your Presence and Reach in Your Niche So That You Can Dominate in That Area of Your Niche
  • How to Structure Your Business to Accomplish Your Business Goals – Whether in 90 Days, 180 Days, or 1 Year
  • Any Other Tactical Skill He Teaches in His  Coaching or Any Training Program, Such As:
    –Traffic Generation for Your Niche and Topic
    –Product Creation
    –Content Marketing
    –List Building
  • Any other topic you need and that he teaches on

Spending an hour with Stephen will be transformational for you, or your money back.

He’s serious about that – spend an entire hour with him, and at the end of the call, if you aren’t completely astonished, simply ask him, and he will refund your entire payment!

He’s so certain of his ability to target what is impeding your progress and show you how to OVERCOME and BREAK THROUGH, something he credits God for enabling him to discover, that he’s willing to put every dollar of his time on the line.

And at $1,000 an hour – that is a significant level of confidence!

Simply put, Stephen is DETERMINED to provide you  in excess of $1,000 of value from your hour with him, or  every penny will be refunded.

Let me level with you: there’s no way that Stephen can “demonstrate” to you the value of his time apart from actually spending that time with you. Clients have repeatedly invested in his marketing expertise, and they have been very pleased with the results achieved from working with him.

This is your opportunity to let him show you!

Enroll for an hour of 100% risk-free consulting with Stephen and allow him prove it to you, or receive 100% of your money back immediately after the call!

To enroll to work with Stephen for 1 hour at $1,000:

NOTE: To enroll for 10 hours with Stephen at a 30% off discount, make a payment for 1 hour, and after the call, if Stephen chooses to accept working with you for 10 hours, he will send you a payment link for the balance ($6,000, total payments: $7,000)

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