Here Are A Few of My Online Accomplishments…

Editor, ProsperityUnleashed! Newsletter

Co-Creator of with Mike Mograbi
(which he later sold at a handsome price)

Editor, The New Think & Grow Rich by Ted Ciuba

Creator of  “An Exclusive Interview with Terry Dean”
–only available through

Contributed sales copy for: and

I was a featured guest on the 2004 World Internet Summit USA
live webcast

I was a co-contributor/JV partner for: and 
have created several original products for John Delavera’s

I have contributed to several giveaway events including:,,
30DaysOfChristmas, ChristmasGiveaway, TheSuperGifts,
Social Marketing Gifts and The Health & Wellness Givewaway,
just to name a few.

I have written articles that have been featured in John Delavera’s
Turbozine and at and have also been paid to
write numerous online marketing articles for a PLR site.

Additionally, I have created successful Info-Strategies with:
Dan B. Cauthron, Anthony Stillwell, John Delavera, Gary Huynh,
Richard Alcebar, Mike Mograbi, Ted Ciuba, Lonnie Amirault,
Jennie Armato, Michael Silk, Bogdan Ravaru and Kimberly Gordon.