Choosing An Autoresponder Service: A 6 Point Checklist

“Autoresponder.” If you’ve been involved in online activity for any length of time, then you’ve probably either heard or seen the term. And while it may sound like something complicated, it’s simply an automated means of sending out email messages. But the key to real success with an autoresponder service is to multiply it!

Simply put, in order to make an autoresponder service worth the time and expense to use it, it’s not enough to have just an autoresponder. First, it must be a specific type: a sequential autoresponder, meaning that it will allow you to automate sending a series of messages in a pre-defined sequence; for example, an E-Course on a specific topic. Without this feature you’ll be stuck sending your messages manually.

But even with this feature, one autoresponder is still not enough. Why? Well, what if you wanted to offer a second E-Course on a completely different subject? That’s right; you’ll need another sequential autoresponder. And a third one for your newsletter or tip sheet. So if one is good, then many are even better.

Which brings us to the point of this article: to create a level of success that even comes close to that enjoyed by well-known marketers, you must use the same tools they do. And one of the most important ones is a reliable sequential autoresponder service.

So with that said, just what should you look for in choosing a good autoresponder service?

One of the first things to look for is personalized broadcasting. When sending out messages to people on an autoresponder list, you should be able to include the name of each recipient in the message. This should include the option of inserting the name in the subject line and body of your messages. A personalized message will greatly increase the likelihood of getting it opened and read.

Next, the autoresponder service should feature unlimited list hosting and message broadcasting features. Simply stated, this means that the autoresponder will allow you to store the contact information for everyone who has signed up on that list. It will also enable you to “blast” additional messages to them at any time of day you choose.

Speaking of unlimited, a good sequential autoresponder service should also feature unlimited follow up autoresponder messages. This feature helps to put your business on autopilot. With it you’ll be able to send out follow up messages once a month, once a week, or once a day. You must have the capacity to send out at the very least a minimum of seven automated e-mail messages.

But there’s also another very important feature that we’ve hinted at previously: the autoresponder service must offer unlimited multiple autoresponders. One sequential autoresponder (even one with unlimited list hosting follow up autoresponder messages) is just not enough. Every list you create should have its own autoresponder. And every email campaign you run, too.

Another very important feature you should look for is e-mail notification when someone has signed up for your list or E-Course. This helps to verify that the list member did indeed subscribe to your list; something that you can refer to if this is called into question. It also provides you with the possibility of personal follow-up via e-mail for specific customers or prospects (i.e. segmenting your list).

Yet another valuable feature to look for in a reliable autoresponder service is automatically inserted confirmation and unsubscribe links. By allowing for the automatic placement of a confirmation link, it makes the double opt-in follow-up message creation process that much easier. And the automatic inclusion of unsubscribe links allows people to unsubscribe with ease if they wish.

These are a few highlights of some of the many necessary features you should look for when choosing an autoresponder service. Multiple autoresponders are a great tool, but they are even better when they are available in one place with features like those discussed above.

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