Increased Visibility With Your Content

One of the biggest hang-ups for many online marketers is how to provide increased visibility with their content. Most of the time the problem is either: she doesn’t know what to write about or where to begin, or, once the content has been created, he doesn’t have a clue about what to do with it. If the would-be author could visualize the incredible potential for increased visibility that’s available by simply spreading that single piece of useful content around, the problem would be solved.

So what can you do to get increased visibility from content that you’ve just written?

Here are at least ten quick suggestions to help get your creative juices flowing.

Right off the bat one of the first things you should do is to post it to your blog. There are a couple of ways to do so. You could either post the first sentence with a link to the rest of the content, or post the entire piece. This will help provide new and unique content for your blog, making it more appealing to search engines and visitors alike.

Next, of course, you should include it in your newsletter. Get it into circulation by publishing it with either a link to the piece or including it in the edition you send out to your subscribers. This is especially important to provide if it’s about a topic of great interest to your readers.

But don’t stop there; find an article directory that also targets your market and post a similar version there. This not only offers increased visibility for you as the author, it also gives the directory fresh new content for its readers.

Another suggestion is to take that content and put it in PDF format as a special report. This works best with longer pieces over 700 words. An alternative to this idea is to create a special report using a series of shorter related articles that you’ve written.

Once you’ve created a few PDF special reports on specific themes or topics, you could then put them together into a collection about a particular subject in your niche. This would provide a unique compilation that could potentially offer significant value to your target market.

If it’s a lengthy content piece, you could always break it up into shorter articles or segments. These in turn could become an autoresponder series for a mini-course about a specific topic. Add in a sponsor for a related product or service (your own or an affiliate link) and then either offer it to you subscribers or as a free gift to your site’s visitors for increased visibility.

What’s more, you could offer re-branded copies of the PDF and/or mini-course to either your subscribers or affiliates. This is a great way to get increased visibility for your content and web property. Simply create the resource box so that the signature link can be branded with an affiliate I.D., thus allowing them to earn commissions while passing it on to their readers.

By all means, once you’ve created that new piece of content, be sure to post it as a separate page on your website. This will enable it to grow organically (which makes the search engines happy) and will also provide additional new content for the new visitors coming to your site thanks to improved search engine ranking.

We’re not done yet. Take the content piece you’ve just written and then record it. Just like that you’ve got a brand new audio report that you can offer as a subscription gift or as a bonus item for a related product or service. Create a compilation of these and suddenly you’ve got your own niche audio product—now that’s a sure-fire way to provide increased visibility!

While you’re at it, don’t forget about using forums too. Many of them allow you to post your articles in a section for other members to learn from and use. Of course you could also include a link to your article in a related post or include a link to the PDF version in your forum signature.

Now that your mental wheels are spinning, no doubt you can come up with at least five more ideas on your own for generating increased visibility with your newly-created content.

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