Know Your Numbers, Make More Money

“Know your numbers” is something that smart business owners have always understood is a key aspect of business mastery.

It has always been important to get all of your numbers right, but now it’s become an absolute necessity.

Anyone can start an online business with a laptop, Internet connection, and a dream, so competition is fierce. Unless you know your numbers you’ll lose money to those tracking key details more effectively.

While this shouldn’t be a problem with tools like, here are a few essentials you’ll want to pay close attention to.

Know your numbers by understanding where the majority of your “profitable” traffic is coming from

There is a big difference between where the majority of your traffic is coming from, and where the majority of your PROFITABLE traffic is coming from.

Driving traffic to a web site and only converting a small fraction of it is not nearly as effective as sending a few hundred people to your web site and converting a significant number of them. Your analytics will tell you this up front, so you can determine where to focus your traffic generation efforts.

Know your numbers by using Split Testing

While there are all kinds of different approaches to online marketing, split testing is the undisputed “King.” Smart business owners realize that their opinions about marketing pieces, advertising pieces, and other tools designed to sell products and services don’t determine what becomes profitable.

Without doing proper split testing you’ll never know if you’re leaving money on the table. Split test absolutely everything, so that you can know your numbers, with the help of tools like

Listen, data has become a must-have in running a business. Someone watching these figures a little bit more closely will squeeze you out unless you have instant access to your “numbers”. Technology gives you instant access to these details (using tools like so you can better leverage them.

For the first time ever, all barriers to commerce have been removed. Now you can know your numbers, find new ways to optimize them, and create the business (lifestyle) of your dreams.