Success Lessons from the Titanic And Columbia

Success Lessons from the famed ocean liner, the TitanicWe can learn success lessons from both the Titanic and the Space Shuttle Columbia disasters.  Sometimes “the little things” cause the most problems. It was a piece of ice in the case of the Titanic, and a loose tile on the Space Shuttle.

The same principle is true regarding goals in our own lives. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having and setting goals- we must do this if we’re going to accomplish anything worthwhile. But in the process we can overlook very important details. 

Items like a piece of ice or tiles usually don’t affect an ocean-going vessel or a space ship. Because the builders focused on the wrong Goal and overlooked important details, both of these ships were destroyed.

Success Lessons From These Two Disasters

In the case of the Titanic, Captain E.J. Smith had received seven warnings about icebergs but,  since this was his retirement voyage, and because he wanted to get to New York in record time, he ignored them. The Managing Director of the White Star Line, Bruce Ismay, may have pressured the Captain to maintain the ship’s speed. The builders also used sub-standard rivets. 

Carnegie Mellon professor Paul Fischbeck found that tiles on the undersides of Columbia’s wings near the fuselage and beneath the crew compartment could be knocked off or broken by insulation falling from the fuel tank and other debris.  NASA also had trouble training technicians to glue tiles on the hull and then to properly test the strength of the bonding.

disaster and loss of life resulted in both cases because of lack of attention to details. People building each ship lost sight of the real Goal: ensuring it would arrive safely at its destination.

Success Lessons For Online Marketing

So what success lessons can we apply to Online Marketing and running a Home-Based business from these two events? Much like the people contracted to build each of these ships, we too can get the idea that our business’s Goal is defined by the Project we are working on. We reason that we must harness all of our efforts and energies to get it finished. And to a point, that may be true.

Success Lessons From My Own Experience

I lost sight of the Purpose and created problems and frustration for the very people I was supposed to be “doing this” for while I was focusing on my Project. My family gave me a “wake-up call” and were finally able to help me realize what had happened and the problems I had created.

Because of this I made some significant “course corrections.” No longer am I online ’til all hours of the night; I’m also not doing any “business” activity until after our teenagers have gone to bed; they need time with their Dad and I need time with them. And just like God teaches in the Bible that we need a day of rest from work, I’ve also set aside a day to rest from my online endeavors.

Since then I get more rest,  am more pleasant to be around, and my life is much more balanced. While it might take me a little longer to “get there”, I know that when I do arrive, the people that I’m “doing this” for will be there with me, the “trip” will be that much more enjoyable, and we will all arrive safely.

Success Lessons For the Future

Maybe you’re not as preoccupied with your business endeavors as I was. Or maybe I’ve just described your  situation. Regardless, one of the success lessons we’ve discovered it that you must conduct regular “course corrections” as you work to “Create Your Own Brand of Success“,  and be sure we’re focusing on the Right Goal, not just the “immediate” one.

Of course, you also need put a detailed description of what our Ultimate Goal is in writing and place it where you’ll see it as a daily reminder that your business endeavors are a means to that end and are not the Goal.

Otherwise, you  and I will run the real risk of experiencing personal and family shipwreck because we failed to be aware of potential hazards and make those small but necessary adjustments to stay on course and safely reach our Ultimate Goal.

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