Success . . . Prosperity . . . What Is It to You?

 Success . . . Prosperity . . . What Is It to You?

What is the Secret to YOUR Success?

Success…Prosperity…What’s it to You

Your success level could be significantly impacted in just fifteen seconds simply
by how you answer my question . . .

-I’m a world-renowned promoter and I’ve just picked up your business card OR
-a nationally-known speaker seated next to you at your business luncheon OR
-an international film producer and I’m the only one in the elevator with you OR
-a venture capitalist looking for a new and viable business proposition OR
-a best-selling author with a little time to spare after a book-signing OR . . .
-replace with the name of your favorite movie star, athlete or multi-millionaire.

Do you think I’m joking? I live in little Jamestown Tennessee, yet one summer
Country singer Shania Twain was in town for the weekend to ride horses at one
of the larger riding stables. What would you say if you were in the buffet line
next to her and you wanted to break into Country Music?

The Image of Success

In case you’re wondering, these people know what prosperity or success is because . . .
they autographed it with themselves! Just like “The Donald” dared to “autograph
the New York Skyline,” so the many people who have experienced any degree of
success, in any field, have dared to put their “own brand” on it!

Because of my continuous study of marketing since 1987, there’s one thing  I’ve
learned: you’ve got to have your own unique identity– whether online or off!
Otherwise you’re just another “wannabe”, content to sit on the sidelines watching
and wishing. In fact, it is the only foundation for any lasting success.
Martha Stewart
became a household name because she made a name for herself as the nation’s top
creative homemaker. Steven Spielberg became a top director and producer because
he made a name for himself by the way he makes movies. Robert Allen became a top
motivational speaker because he made a unique name for himself in the crowded self-
help arena.

Each of these people discovered what they were good at and then dared to “make it
in their own image.” Whether it’s personal, commercial or financial success, the key to
any lasting success is to differentiate. Like 7-Up, “The Un-Cola.”

The Question for Success

Here’s the thing. Everyone has this unspoken question that must be answered
satisfactorily before they will begin to take you and what you have to say seriously:
“Who are you and why should I listen to what you have to say?”

Regardless of whether it’s in an elevator or on a website, you’ve got the same fifteen
seconds to give the correct answer. The best way to answer that question is to first,
discover what you do best, and then either become the best at doing it or . . . figure
out how to do it well but in a unique way.

For example, I love to do research and gather information to help me learn and do
new things. Because my job often has required me to take information and put it
into a new form, I’ve become quite adept at it. As a result, I’ve discovered that I
can take information that’s readily available and reformulate it into a valuable and
potentially saleable product. That’s why I call myself “The Premiere Info-Strategist
– someone who strategizes how to make “ordinary information” both valuable and

So, ask yourself, “What do you enjoy doing – and you do well at it – that, if done
differently- could be valuable to others and thus profitable for you?” Once you find the
answer to this question, you’ll be light years ahead of others in the quest for success
because you have started the process to “Create Your OWN Brand of Success.”

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